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Myofunctional Research Co. - New websites

30 August, 2012

The global demand for orthodontics without braces continues to grow.  It's an option that many parents and patients would prefer.

Myobrace.com and Myoresearch.com provide clear information on myofunctional orthodontics and MRC’s appliances for both the public and professionals, increasing awareness of myofunctional orthodontics, and improving your understanding.  MRC is dedicated to providing education and support for the professionals who purchase appliances, and their patients who are treated using these appliances.

MRC has redesigned myobrace.com and myoresearch.com - websites that provide information and education for professionals and their patients, and also for members of the general public interested in learning more about treatment options using the Myobrace.


Myobrace.com was built specifically to help members of the general public better understand Myobrace treatment.

This website allows users to gain a clearer insight into myofunctional orthodontic treatment options. It is also a comprehensive tool for professionals needing a more efficient way of educating parents and patients on myofunctional orthodontics and Myobrace treatment. Patients are able to learn how the treatment works, and why Myobrace is a viable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment with braces.

The site allows users to perform a self assessment in order to better understand if treatment is suitable for their needs, and also directs users to their nearest Myobrace Certified Providers, using the website's ‘Find Your Practitioner’ feature.

Save time when patients ask about Myobrace treatment - direct them to myobrace.com.

If you’d like to learn more about the Myobrace Certified Provider program and how you can be listed on myobrace.com’s ‘Find Your Practitioner’ feature , please contact your nearest MRC representative.


Myoresearch.com has been rebuilt from the ground-up and offers features not seen in the industry before. This is part of MRC’s ongoing dedication to providing professionals with effective education and training resources to accompany a comprehensive range of appliances.

The Myofunctional Orthodontics section provides information on a range of topics including the research behind myofunctional orthodontics, and provides advice on how best to implement these treatment methods into any practice. The section also assists professionals to better diagnose and treat patients using myofunctional orthodontic techniques.

The Appliance Selector feature built into the site allows users to enter patient and treatment characteristics and receive insight and assistance on matching an appropriate appliance or sequence of appliances to an individual patient’s needs. This feature has not previously been offered in the dental or orthodontic industries and will prove a valuable reference tool for practitioners.

There is also an extensive library of online training programs and resources that gives practitioners the knowledge to confidently perform myofunctional orthodontics more efficiently, and achieve better treatment outcomes.

The website’s live assistance feature allows users to interact with an MRC’s sales representatives in real-time - providing first-class service to customers.

MRC’s Tip of the Week features fresh content updated weekly in the form of a concise video that will provide clinical insight into the practical applications of myofunctional orthodontics.

The forum on Myoresearch.com allows practitioners from around the world to share cases, build an international network of contacts, and learn from their peers.

The site will be regularly updated with news items, training materials, clinical tips and insight from leading myofunctional practitioners.

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