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Myobrace - taking myofunctional orthodontics into the future.

30 August, 2012

The demand for orthodontic treatment continues to grow. MRC is the leader in providing effective myofunctional orthodontic treatment - without the need for braces or extractions.

MRC has been developing innovative intra-oral appliances to treat the causes of malocclusion and TMJ disorder since 1989, and have developed these treatment concepts into a range of appliance systems suitable for children of all ages. MRC takes a different approach to orthodontic treatment. Changing the oral environment by removing the poor oral habits that are the major cause of malocclusion naturally aligns the teeth and results in better jaw and facial development. MRC’s well-established Trainer System is now the dominant early-myofunctional treatment system preferred by dentists and orthodontists around the world. MRC has constantly developed the most advanced dental appliances and now these latest appliances will exclusively be under the Myobrace name.

Now, Myobrace® is the unified brand taking MRC and myofunctional orthodontics into the future.

The highly-successful Trainer and TMJ Appliance systems, which have become well-established with professionals over the last two decades, will remain unchanged.The Myobrace System™ will incorporate the advanced range of dual-moulded appliances, with additional features that provide improved myofunctional habit correction and dental alignment. This means a wider range of growing children and a wider range of malocclusions can now be treated with the Myobrace System™.

It’s all very well to have advanced appliance systems, but these systems must be simple to use, easy to deliver and cost-effective for both doctor and patient. Myobrace® uses a three-stage appliance system that takes into consideration a patient’s age, dentition and type of malocclusion - allowing for a clear and more precise approach to diagnosis and appliance selection. Advancements have been made to the educational materials that support treatment - including new websites that offer special features not seen in the industry before.

Another significant advancement has been the development of the Myobrace Certified Provider™ program. This program caters to doctors wanting a more efficient approach to making myofunctional orthodontics really work in their practice. This global initiative gives dentists and orthodontists access to additional training, priority support, patient educational programs and improved practice layout systems that can result in increased financial benefits for both the doctor and patient. Myobrace® offers dental professionals a highly-effective yet simple solution to the worldwide problem of malocclusion.

The Myobrace System™ will allow myofunctional orthodontics to become the standard orthodontic treatment - treating earlier and treating myofunctional habits first will allow orthodontic treatment to become simpler and more effective. MRC has been able to achieve practical and cost-effective means of delivering advanced myofunctional correction for every child.

The Trainer and Myobrace Systems™ will take pediatric orthodontic care into the future and will be the first preference for parents concerned about the growth and development of their children.

For more information please contact your nearest MRC representative or visit our websites

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