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Myobrace Certified Provider Program

30 August, 2012

What is the Myobrace Certified Provider Program?

Do you already have an understanding of myofunctional orthodontics but you're wondering what your next step is? The Myobrace Certified Provider™ program has been developed for orthodontists and dentists who are looking for a streamlined process for introducing myofunctional orthodontics into their practice.

The program's network is comprised of orthodontists and dentists from around the world who are united in the common desire to provide comprehensive, high-quality myofunctional orthodontic care to their patients. Myobrace Certified Providers are given access to MRC's own clinically-developed educational and marketing tools.

Why become a Myobrace Certified Provider?
Here are just some of the potential benefits of becoming a Myobrace Certified Provider™:

•  Treat a wider range of patients.
•  Increase patient flow in your practice.
•  Free up doctor time by delegating more tasks to trained auxiliaries.
•  Less chair-side time is required per-patient.
•  Financial benefits can be achieved for both doctor and the patient.

The demand for orthodontic treatment continues to grow. MRC is the leader in providing effective myofunctional orthodontic treatment - without the need for braces or extractions. Myobrace® was developed to meet this demand.

Myobrace® is becoming well known as the primary no braces approach to myofunctional orthodontic treatment. The Myobrace Certified Provider™ program allows orthodontists and dentists to be part of a global network to satisfy the high public demand for this treatment.

Certified providers will gain access to extensive educational materials, case support and training, along with the latest marketing materials. Another advantage of certification is that certified practitioners can also be listed on the Find your practitioner feature on myobrace.com. This website for the general public provides extensive information and research on myofunctional orthodontics and Myobrace® treatment.

Who can be a Myobrace Certified Provider?

Any approved licensed orthodontist or dentist can potentially become a Myobrace Certified Provider™. There are various levels of certification available which differ in the level of support, education and marketing access. The certification status a doctor can obtain is dependent on their previous myofunctional orthodontic experience and level of MRC courses attended. The program levels can be summarised as follows:

A provider at Bronze-level has taken part in the relevant training required to provide Myobrace® treatment to patients.

Providers at a Silver level have undergone all the relevant training required to offer Myobrace® treatment to patients and have good experience treating patients using Myobrace®. A practice at this level also incorporates an area devoted to delivering specialised educational elements to further motivate and encourage patients.

Providers at a Gold level have undergone extensive, regular Myobrace® training and have excellent experience treating patients using Myobrace®. The Gold Provider has an area of the practice completely devoted to myofunctional orthodontics using MRC’s practice layout systems. The design of, and educational materials used in a practice at this level are entirely geared towards treating patients using myofunctional orthodontics.

Providers at a Platinum level have undergone extensive, regular Myobrace® training and have excellent experience treating patients using Myobrace®. Platinum practices are entirely devoted to delivering myofunctional orthodontic services to all patients. The clinic design requirements are on a larger scale specified by MRC’s advanced design team and incorporate extensive educational materials and design characteristics unique to platinum-level practices only.

How do you become a Myobrace Certified Provider™?

Step 1: The first step to becoming a Myobrace Certified Provider™ is by simply requesting an information pack from an MRC representative. The information pack will outline the eligibility, levels, inclusions and terms of the certification.

Step 2: There are multiple levels of certification to suit a range of budgets and practices dependent on additional available space. Choose one which is most suitable for you. Inside the information pack is also an application form for you to fill out and return to your MRC representative.

Step 3: Once MRC receives and processes your application form, you will be contacted in regards to the next steps you need to take to become a Myobrace Certified Provider™.

Myobrace Certified Providers and their staff are required to undertake specific training at an MRC centre, or through one of MRC’s online training seminars. MRC provides regular training on myofunctional orthodontics and how to use MRC's appliances in your practice.

For more information on Myobrace® certification please contact your nearest MRC representative.

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